Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

At AllTogetherNow! Community Arts Center, and in schools, libraries and community centers, we offer creative opportunities for all people of ages and abilities.

We offer classes and workshops in:


Visual Arts - papermache puppet and mask making, pottery and clay sculpture, drawing, sewing


Permaculture and community resiliency

If you are interested in our classes check out our current offerings below, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out directly to schedule a class or workshop at your location.  Janice is available to teach private and group lessons. Contact her here.



Ceremonial Stone Structures Past and Present

With Fearn Lickfield, Iian MacHarg, Ben Graham and Janice Walrafen / Friday. 2/23, 6-9pm/ Potluck and discussion. At AllTogetherNow! Donations Welcome.  Fearn Lickfield is teacher, administrator, director and Chief of the Green Mountain Druid School and Order. Iain MacHarg is a teacher and leader of the Catamount Pipe Band and the director of the Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts.


Drawing Basics

with Janice Walrafen | at MSAC | 10 meetings on Mondays, (starts 1/8) (ends 3/11)) 1:00-3:00pm | Open to public, ages 18+ | $75 member / $150 public. Call MSAC to register: 802-223-2518  
Drawing Basics - Have you always wanted to draw, but not known where to begin? Do you love to draw, but need to set time aside to do it? This is a great beginner and refresher class. Most often working from life, each class introduces a different skill or lens to draw from, including contour, value, color, perspective, foreshortening, portraits, proportions, composition, and more. Great foundational skill building, and enjoyable time spent drawing. Please bring 9"x12" sketch pad, #2 HB pencils, eraser. Other supplies needed throughout class will be a ruler, Prismacolor white pencil and Oil Pastels.


Drawing Nature

with Janice Walrafen | at MSAC|5 meetings on Fridays (starts 1/5) (ends 2/2) | 1:00-3:00pm Open to public, ages 18+ | $38 member / $75 public. Call MSAC to register: 802-223-2518  
In this class we will explore how to draw the natural world both up close and as a landscape. We will look closely at natures shapes and forms, and step back to see the field of pattern, light and shadow. Using pencil, pen and charcoal. This class will meet inside for the Winter session. Open to all abilities.


Drawing the Figure

with Janice Walrafen | at MSAC | 5 meetings on Fridays (starts 2/9) (ends 3/8) | 1:00-3:00pm Open to public, ages 18+ |$38 member / $75 public
Here is an opportunity to sketch from live models, people and animals. Each week will offer a lesson in how to draw the human figure: dressed, active, reclining and portraits as well as animals. No prior experience required and all levels welcome. Materials list will be sent to participants. Model fee $ 20. payable to instructor.


Handbuilding with Clay

with Janice Walrafen | Montpelier Senior Center Art Room | 10 Mondays, starts January 8 | 3:30-5:30pm | Open to public Ages 18+ | $75 member / $150 public | Clay, glaze and firing are paid to instructor $20 per 1/2 bag of clay. / Call MSAC to register: 802-223-2518  

This is an introductory class in the art of hand building in clay. Whether making functional pottery or sculptural pieces, we will use basic techniques such as using coils, slabs, molds, and pinch-pot methods to create pieces in accordance with individual interest. Clay is a fun, flexible material to create just about anything you can imagine. Janice has been working in clay her entire life. Her mother was a potter and Janice is a clay artist making tiles, sculptures, and vessels from slabs.