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AllTogetherNow! Preschool


Welcome to AllTogetherNow!  Preschool!

Our Email address is:

AllTogetherNow! Preschool is a licensed, Act 166 Universal Preschool approved, multiage early childhood education program, committed to providing a nurturing, enriched environment for children to explore and grow.  We are open year-round, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm for children ages 2-7.  We are centrally located in a beautiful farmhouse with expansive views, open fields, and a 500 acre wooded preserve across the road.  We also offer vacation/summer camps and after-school art classes for ages 7-13, Music Together classes for families, instrumental lessons for all ages, and adult art and permaculture classes.  Our facility also houses Janice Walrafen's Art Tiles Studio, organic gardens, barnyard animals and the residences of friends and family.

Our preschool curriculum is designed to inspire learning across developmental levels and learning styles by offering a wide range of learning opportunities through both thematic studies and free play. The children’s social, artistic, intellectual, physical, and emotional development is nurtured through opportunities to explore art, music, dance, drama, math, natural science, literature, cooking, gardening, animal husbandry, and cooperative games, without the use of T.V. or computers.  Although we ask that each child is present for circle and meal times, participation in activities is optional, as we believe that children learn in many ways.  We teach respect through loving kindness and do not tolerate violent or hurtful behaviors, even in play.  We encourage alternatives that help everyone feel safe and involve children in problem solving, rather than punishment.

Throughout the year, we cycle various curricular themes, such as, insects, water, seasons, solar system, etc.  Themes provide a focus for our explorations and help to inspire a love of learning.  Many themes are chosen through observing the children’s interests during free play.  We often invite guest speakers from the community and participate in field trips.  Parents are always invited to share traditions, experiences, and talents with us. We encourage you to further your child’s understanding by connecting this learning to experiences at home.

Please read our updated Preschool Protocol and print and sign the Protocol Agreement

Music Together Classes have been suspended until further notice           

AllTogetherNow! Preschool  2020-2021 Calendar

September 1 - school year start date

September 7 - closed for Labor Day

October 12 - closed for inservice

November 11 - closed for parent/teacher conferences

November 26-27 - closed for Thanksgiving

December 24-January 1 - closed for winter holiday

January 18 - closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day

February 15 - closed for inservice

March 2 - closed for Town Meeting Day

March 10 - closed for Early Education Advocacy Day

April 2 - closed for parent/teacher conferences

May 31 - closed for Memorial Day

June 25 - Preschool Graduation

June 30 - last day of the school year

Staff Meeting Schedule - closed at 3 pm

  • September 11th, Friday

  • October 5th, Monday

  • November 3rd, Tuesday

  • December 2nd, Wednesday

  • January 7th, Thursday

  • February 5th, Friday

  • March 1st, Monday

  • April 6th, Tuesday

  • May 5th, Wednesday

  • June 3rd, Thursday


We teach mutual respect through loving kindness and do not tolerate violent or hurtful behaviors, even in play.  We encourage alternatives that help everyone feel safe and involve children in problem solving, rather than punishment.  For example, if a child is hurtful to another we first help the child verbalize their feelings and brainstorm other options of expressing their feelings that are not harmful to others.  Next, we help the child choose an alternative and practice their choice.  Finally, we ask the child to think of a way to help the other child feel better, such as offering an ice pack or hug.  We find a positive approach much more successful than punishment or humiliation and have never needed to put children in ‘time-out’ unless they need time to cool down before solving their problem.  Positive guidance techniques may include:

* Guiding children through modeling and encouraging expected behaviors by setting clear, consistent and fair limits

* Valuing mistakes as learning opportunities

* Redirecting children to more acceptable behaviors

* Listening and helping children talk about their feelings

* Encouraging cooperation and respect among all children

* Guiding children to resolve conflicts among themselves

* Class Meeting

* Role playing through puppets and storytelling

Calendar Year

We are open year-round except for the following paid holidays: Town Meeting Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and the days including and between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  We are also closed for two additional paid staff in-service training days, and 2 parent conference days.  The trainingand conference dates will vary and parents will receive at least four weeks notice for these dates. We close or delay for inclement weather,  following the U32 district.  Also, if the electricity is out for more than 2 hours we will close.   To find out if we are closed or delayed due to inclement weather, google "VT school closings", or try  It will also be broadcast on most local TV and radio stations.


We like to celebrate each child’s birthday and encourage you to bring in a low-sugar treat, such as muffins, to share.  If you are unable to supply a treat, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan to make something here.  Please check with us concerning specific children’s dietary restrictions.

We are an inclusive approach to holidays and try to present a variety of cultural and seasonal celebrations.  Although religious aspects are not emphasized, they may be mentioned in a context such as, “some people believe…”. Please let us know, in advance, if this is a problem.  We also welcome you to share how your family celebrates a particular holiday.

What to Bring/What not to Bring

* We provide vegetarian snacks, milk and 100% juice.  Please bring a lunch and any special dietary needs. Please do not include any sugary treats, they will not be served

* We supply cups, bowls, spoons, and forks.  If you choose to bring your own, please label!

* Parents are responsible for supplying diapers, a fitted crib-size sheet, blanket, pillow, and sufficient, seasonal outdoor clothing and an extra change of clothes. Extra clothes are stored in labeled boxes, and diapers on the shelf by the diaper-changing table, in the cubby room.  Please check often to be sure your child’s box and diapers are sufficiently stocked.


* It is best not to bring special toys from home, especially if it is difficult for your child to share them, or if it would be difficult for your child if they were lost.

Daily Schedule

8:00-9:30am – arrival/freeplay/thematic activites/cooking project

9:30-10:00 – snack

10:00- 11:00 – circle time, library (Mondays), or music/art class (Weds & Fri)

11:00-12:00- outside play*

12:00-12:30- lunch

12:30-1:00 freeplay

1:00-1:30- wind down/stories/yoga/lullabies

1:30-3:00 - rest time**

3:00-3:30- snack

3:30-4:45- freeplay/thematic activites/outside play

4:45-5:00- clean-up/pick-up

*  We play outdoors daily if temperatures are above zero.  Please send proper attire!

** Please try not to pick-up your child 1:30 – 3:00 because it disrupts our rest time!


Please remember to sign your child in and out each day on the sign in/out sheet at our entrance.  There is also a column to write comments or information about your child that you would like us to know. Please check the sheet when picking up your child since we may write a note to let you know something about your child, such as, accomplishments, concerns or a minor injury.  Also check for other notices posted in this area.  Our current themes are written on the calendar above the sign in/out sheet. Let us know right away if there is any change in your personal situation, such as, contact numbers, residence, etc., or if your child needs medication of any kind, or if someone other than those specified will be picking up your child.  Your child will not be released to anyone else without verbal or written permission from you.


We must have on file each child’s physician’s name and telephone number, your preferred hospital’s name and number, parent’s home and work numbers and the name and number of another adult to contact in case of an emergency.  The state also requires that parents give written permission, specifying dosage, content, and schedule of all prescription medications.  Please give all medicines to an adult to administer.

For the well being of your child and others, please keep your child home if they show any of the following symptoms:

* Oral temperature of over 99 degrees

* Diarrhea

* Severe coughing

* Pink eyes or yellow skin

* Vomiting

* Parasites

* Rash

We will contact you immediately if your child develops these symptoms or shows any unusual physical or emotional symptoms during the day.  It is very important to let us know right away if there are any changes in your emergency information.


It is quite normal for children to experience feelings of anxiety when being dropped off, particularly when they are new or going through changes in their home life.  Parents are welcome to stay as long as they like to ease transition, though experience has shown that once you say goodbye, and assure your child that you will return, it is best to leave swiftly and confidently. Children rarely cry after their parent is out of sight.  Our staff has many years of both personal and professional experience in helping children through this stage.  We will always call if your child is having difficulty and you are always welcome to call later to check on your child.


We offer a daily rest-time for children (and adults!) of all ages and activity levels.  We feel this is important introspective time for all of us.  We spend up to an hour winding down with stories and relaxing together and then one half hour of quiet time.  We allow sleeping children to wake naturally unless you request a specific limit on how long you would like your child to sleep.


Please ask for our latest rates.  We accept both state subsidy and Act 166 Universal Preschool funding for students, age 3-5, turning 3 by September 1st.  We ask for a $50. registration fee, and a deposit of 2 weeks tuition that can be used toward the last month's invoice.  Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of each month.  Overdue balances are subject to a $10.00/week late fee.  Please understand we do not have the budget to pay our expenses if you do not pay on time!  Monthly statements will be emailed and payment can be made online, or put in the envelope above the sign-in sheet. Payment is required if students are absent for any reason. One month's written notice is required to change an existing contract.  There will be a two-week trial period during which either party may terminate the contract or immediate release if the contract is breached.  Children must be picked up promptly at 5pm, or before. We charge $5.00 for 1-10 minutes late, $10.00 for 10-20 minutes late, etc.  Please don’t make us ask you for this fee, you know when you are late. Also, please call if you are not coming or if you arriving after 9:15 a.m.


We value ongoing, open communication and encourage you to discuss any concerns about your child or about our program by phone, in writing, or by setting up an appointment to talk in person. We will offer conferences twice a year, and will provide an assessment of your child’s progress and are also happy to set up a time to conference with you anytime. You can call the school at 223-1242 or call Ellen directly at 249-1107.


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