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AllTogetherNow! About our non-profit organization


Our non- Profit was incorporated as a 501© 3 arts organization in 1986 to "promote and present live performance art to young audiences in Central Vermont."  It was named Kids'Fest. In 2018 We updated our mission statement and changed our name to AllTogetherNow!  

This organization has always been on the leading edge of creating opportunities for families of Central Vermont to experience the wonders of art. In it’s early days the organization brought professional artists into the schools and community to enrich youths’ art opportunities. The Onion River Arts Council was formed and for decades brought professional artists to the community and schools. The board then decided to organize and family New Year's Celebration To Montpelier and after a year of organizing a Last Night community arts celebration, began to organize First Night Montpelier. First Night was passed on to ORAC to in 1997 and we moved on to create and support Montpelier's community seasonal celebrations which include: the annual All Species Day Parade and Spring Pageant established in Montpelier in 1989; The Enchanted Forest, in collaboration with Friends of Montpelier Parks established in 1997 and Ice on Fire in collaboration with Montpelier Parks and Tarin Chaplin. We have always been organized by a small group of dedicated volunteer board members and as projects grew and expanded they were passed on to ORAC with its full time staff and office. ORAC is gone, First Night Montpelier, after being passed along to Montpelier Alive is no longer, but the Seasonal Celebrations with their core of community volunteers and artists continue to be celebrated yearly.  In 2018 We updated our mission statement and changed our name to AllTogetherNow! because this is wh we are at our heart.

Our new mission statement:

AllTogetherNow! awakens and strengthens community through celebration, education, the arts and our relationships to oneanother and the natural world.


AllTogetherNow! Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

In order to provide more opportunities for children to experience the wonders of the arts, we have set up a Scholarship Fund to give discounted camp fees to families in need. Please consider donating to this fund.


AllTogetherNow! has no paid staff and is an active organizing board. Private donations and grants are applied for and recieved for specific projects and to cover overhead costs. Please consider donating. Your contributions are tax deductible. You are welcome to request our financial statements. Our Fiscal Year is January 1 - December 31.

Our Mailing Address is: AllTogetherNow! 170 Cherry Tree Hill Road. East Montpelier Vermont 05651

Current Board Members

Ellen Leonard - President

Janice Walrafen - Vice President

Leslie Roth - Secretary

Marilyn Davis - Treasurer

Brian Tokar

Ben T Matchstick





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