Summer Camp Online Registration

The Summer Camps are now all full. We are unfortunately not accepting any more registrations for 2021 Summer Camps.

Camp Registrations
List the names and dates of the camps that you are registering this student for.
Parents / Guardians
The email address of the Parent/Guardian (1).
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Mailing Address
Please confirm the main and the emergency phone numbers. These are the first phone numbers we will use if we need to quickly reach a parent or guardian.
For safety reasons, parents or guardians must approve the pool access which is permitted for the student.
Parents or Guardians must tell us which pool access is permitted for the student.
Medical Information
If we should be aware of important medical information about the student, please include it here.
Does the student have any allergies?
Describe any allergies that the student has.
List the medications that the student is required to take. Describe the name, the dose and the time for the medications.
Describe the emergency medications and under which circumstances must they be used. (Include the name of the medication, dose and use)
List the name(s) of everyone who you approve to be allowed to pick-up the student from the camp.
For sharing additional information about the student. (optional)
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