Our Guiding Values

 Our Guiding Values

  • Water is Life

  • Do No Harm, Cultivate a Wealth of Goodness, Tame this Mind of Ours

  • Before Enlightenment, Chopping Wood, Carrying Water.  After Enlightenment, Chopping Wood, Carrying Water

  • Safe, Kind, Gentle

  • Respect for All Life

  • Land Acknowledgement

  • No Waste

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Energy resilience - Solar trackers, powerwall, energy efficiency

  • Composting 

    • Food and garden waste

    • Humanure- composting outhouse

    • Vermiculture

  • Plant medicine

  • Food as medicine

  • Biodynamic gardening practices

  • Community potlucks

  • Celebration

  • Gratitude

  • Live simply so others may simply live

  • Respect for All Beings


Our Vision -  Moving Forward

The Land - Rainwater catchment and living pond systems

Programs - expand non-profit programming to include outdoors after-school  programs, hands-on workshops to teach natural building skills, food resilience and gardening for all ages.