Preschool Summer Camps


Preschool Camp Descriptions - Ages 3-6 

  • July 5-8 (closed 7/4) - Destination Imagination I  
  • July 11-15 - Destination Imagination II  
  • July 18-22 - Play, Play, Play All Day!  

Join us for good 'ol fashioned Summer fun, hiking in the forest, swimming in  the pool, lying in the sun, playing games, telling stories, reading, singing, and  making art. Taught by  Jessica Goodlin  


  • July 25-29 - Abanaki Adventures I  
  • August 1-5 - Abanaki Adventures II  

Kwai Kwai nidôbak (Hello friends), Do you love woods adventures and learning about the natural world? Are you  curious about the people who lived with this land for thousands of years  before the arrival of the Europeans? You might be interested in Abenaki Adventure Camp were adventure and culture will come together to create a memorable learning experience. For children ages 3-5. Backpacks that they  can carry themselves required, as well as the desire to spend a lot of time in the forest!  Taught by Mia Leonard  


  • August 8-12 - Faeries and Woodland Creatures  

Throughout this week-long adventure, we will connect to our inner magic, as  well as the magic of nature! We will explore the world of magical creatures  through faerie tales, music, meditation, and time outdoors. We will connect  to the faeries and our own intuition while meditating with magical stones and  crafting flower essences. We will make faerie art and houses from natural and  recycled materials. Campers will express themselves with handmade faerie  wings, nature crowns, gnome hats, and wands. There will be plenty of time to  play, explore, and create amidst the beauty of nature! Taught by Brenda and Madeline Mooney  


  • August 15-19 - Herbs and Healing Potions 

Experience the magic of deeply connecting with nature and enlivening our  senses. We will grow our awareness of healing plants, their life cycles, families, and ecosystems. With honoring and harvesting abundant herbs, we  will transform raw plants into healing remedies and foods. Our daily rhythm will include a variation of botanical arts, crafts and songs, plant ID walks, trail  hikes, plant yoga and stories, team building games, tea time and creating  healing herbal potions for self and family care. Teachings will be grounded in  safety, respect, and ecological awareness of the green world. Taught by Adrienne Allison 


  • August 22-26 - The Wisdom of Weeds  

Discover the wonders of wild edible plants. Foraging food and medicine will  be our focus this week. We will grow our understanding of nature with plant  species, families and ecosystems. Learning to honor, harvest and use abundant  wild edible and medicinal plants will empower us to live in direct relationship  to our environment. Our daily rhythm will include a variation of botanical arts, crafts and songs, plant ID walks, trail hikes, plant yoga and stories, team  building games, tea time and creating healing herbal remedies for self and  family care. Teachings will be grounded in safety, respect, and ecological  awareness of the green world.  Taught by Adrienne Allison 


To see the tuition rates and to register your child for a Preschool Camp, please download the registration form and send it to or mail toATN Preschool 170 Cherry Tree Hill Road, East Montpelier, VT 05651