AllTogetherNow! Preschool has closed as of November 13, 2023 


Days are spent outside having fun!

Our preschool curriculum is designed to inspire learning across developmental levels and learning styles by offering a wide range of learning opportunities through both thematic studies and free play. The children’s social, artistic, intellectual, physical, and emotional development is nurtured through opportunities to explore art, music, dance, drama, math, natural science, literature, cooking, gardening, animal husbandry, and cooperative games, without the use of T.V. or computers. Although we ask that each child is present for circle and meal times, participation in activities is optional, as we believe that children learn in many ways.

Throughout the year, we cycle various curricular themes, such as insects, water, seasons, solar system, etc. Themes provide a focus for our explorations and help to inspire a love of learning. Many themes are chosen through observing the children’s interests during free play. We often invite guest speakers from the community and participate in field trips. Parents are always invited to share traditions, experiences, and talents with us. We encourage you to further your child’s understanding by connecting our learning at school to experiences at home.

We teach respect through loving kindness and do not tolerate violent or hurtful behaviors, even in play. We encourage alternatives that help everyone feel safe and involve children in problem solving, rather than punishment. We reference three guiding Principles of Peace: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Gentle, adopted from the book, Adventure Play, by Nancy MacPhee Bower, in which she proposes these 3 guiding Principles of Peace as a foundation for creating a peaceful community. When situations arise we allow children to reflect on, and be responsible for, their own actions, and also help each other be safe, kind and gentle. Please consider adopting these Principles of Peace in your own home.

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