Trouble Shooting Summer Camp Registration

Trouble Shooting Summer Camp Registration

Below are several common issues when trying to register for summer camp, and their solutions.


1) In the summer camp registration form you receive an error message "Child already has an account".



  1. Click on My Account in the top menu. This brings you to your dashboard.
  2. In your dashboard, click on the tab called "Child Dashboard".
  3. To the right of the child's name click the blue button "Select another summer camp".


2) You've signed up for the newsletter but when you try to log in to register for camp, the website doesn't let you. 

Signing up for our newsletter does not mean you have an account in our camp registration system. If you attempt to reset your password but receive no email to do so, this is why. In this case, you must create a new account in our camp registration system here


3) Payment for camp invoice was submitted but the payment is still "pending".

Sometimes a payment will be submitted for an invoice but on the payment dashboard it says the payment is "pending" and the bank statement also says the payment is pending, and then within 24 hours the line on the bank statement disappears.

This happens when you go part-way through the payment process but do not click to final confirmation button to confirm your payment. The payment will not complete unless you click the final confirmation button. You will know that the payment has gone through when you get an emailed receipt and on your payment dashboard the invoice is marked as "completed".


4) Parent/guardian accidentally registered a child for a camp.

If you accidentally registered a child for a camp you cannot cancel this registration yourself. Please contact us directly to fix this as soon as possible.