Ice on FIre

Ice on Fire is our community celebration of deep winter. We create a village for the day in the snowy fields at North Branch Nature Center. In a circle we honor the four directions by creating a stage of theatre in the East village; hospitality serving hot drinks and food in the South village; within the comfort of a snowbuilt quinzee hut,  or a enclosure of evergreen trees, stories are told in teh West vilalge; threelegged snowshoe races, blanket toss, winter games and an igloo mark the North village. A central Fire warms us as the day moves from light to dark. The day opens with a puppet parade, singing, and calling in each direction. The evening closes with givng thanks of gratitude to each direction and village for the gifts given throughout the day as the snow geese puppets fly south to the blazing of the central fire. Tarin Chaplin created this event with our community to round out our annual seasonal celebrations. 

Ice on FIre will be celebrated on Sunday, Febuary 3, 2019

  • 12pm - Singing rehearsal
  • 1pm - Join in the opening procession
  • 2pm-  Opening pageant- Calling in of the directions and opening of the villages.
  • 4-5pm - Closing of the villages and bonfire.

Contact us to volunteer! 

Ice on fire is an annual celebration of deep winter held on the last sunday in January since 1996. Held at North Branch Nature Center we create a village for a day, honoring the gifts of the four directions with storytelling, song, theatre, winter games, hospitality of food and drink and fire. 2 pm - dark.