Summer Camp Descriptions


 2022 Summer Camp Descriptions 

  • Summer Fun- Play Play Play All Day! - Janice Walrafen and Ellen Leonard 

School's out, let's have some fun!  Join us for good 'ol fashioned summer fun, swimming in the pool, lying in the sun, playing games, telling stories, reading, singing, and making art.

  • Earth Stories - Janice Walrafen and Ellen Leonard

Janice and Ellen’s original summer camp celebrating all our relations through storytelling, song, art, nature. 

  • Herb Camp I - The Alchemy of Healing Potions  -  Adrienne Allison and Joanne Darling

Embark on an adventure into nature's wonderland. We will observe, honor, harvest, and create food as medicine. Our daily rhythm will include plant walks, tea time, plant yoga, botanical arts and crafts, swimming, songs, games, creating delicious additions to lunch, and wild herbal medicine making to bring home! Teachings will be grounded in safety, respect, and ecological awareness.

  • Rock 'n Roll - Jason Mallery and Janice Walrafen 

Explore the rich cultural heritage and rockin’ tunes for the exciting era, from the earliest African roots through the psychedelic 60s, to the latest contemporary sounds, fusing influences of country, folk, jazz, rhythm and blues.

  • Herb Camp II - The Wisdom of Weeds - Adrienne Allison and Joanne Darling 

Discover the wonders of wildcrafting edible plants. Foraging food and medicine will be our focus this week. We will grow our understanding of the elements in nature, plant species, families and ecosystems. Learning to honor, harvest and use abundant wild edible and medicinal plants will empower us to live in direct relationship to our environment. Our daily rhythm will include a variation of botanical arts, crafts and songs, plant ID walks, swimming in the pool, river exploration, trail hikes, plant yoga and stories, team building games, tea time and creating healing herbal remedies for self and family care. Teachings will be grounded in safety, respect, and ecological awareness of the green world.

  • Circus Fun! - Erik Gillard (Uncle e-rok) and friends 

This will be a thrilling week of creative fun and foolery.  We'll perfect our funniest faces, wear clown make-up and costumes and refine our best jokes.  We'll tumble head over heals, stilt through obstacle courses, juggle, swim and make our own circus sets and props !!  Clown Campers will learn and play together as we co-create our own clown personas, acts and memorabilia for Friday's Clown Town Carnival.  Sure to be a stupendously fun, goofy and creative camp.  

  •  Let's Paint Murals! - Erik Gillard (Uncle e-rok) and friends 

Campers are invited to join in a week of mural painting both big and small. We'll paint images of our own designs both big and small as we decorate the camps surroundings. From the side of the barn to the outhouse, the chicken coop to the bike shed! Together we'll work to create drawings, paintings, stencils and collage to liven up the walls with mural magic. This week of fun and creativity is sure to leave a lasting mark at ATN! All skill levels welcome.

  • Faeries and Magical Creatures -  Brenda and Madeline Mooney

Throughout this week-long adventure, we will connect to our inner magic, as well as the magic of nature!  We will explore the world of magical creatures through faerie tales, music, meditation, and time outdoors.  We will connect to the faeries and our own intuition while meditating with magical stones and crafting flower essences. We will make faerie art and houses from natural and recycled materials.  Campers will express themselves with handmade faerie wings, nature crowns, gnome hats, and wands. There will be plenty of time to play, explore, and create amidst the beauty of nature! The week will close with a magical faerie performance!  

  • Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultural Immersion Camp - Beth Merrill and Friends from Planting Hope 

Come immerse yourself in Spanish and learn about some traditions from Latin American countries. We’ll practice Spanish phrases and learn how to follow Spanish directions while playing card and board games, dancing to songs in Spanish, running and jumping around during your favorites outdoor games.  We'll also prepare authentic snacks, swim, do craft and book projects and connect with some Spanish-speaking friends in other countries.