ATN Site Manual

This is the ATN web site manual for ATN staff.  It is only visible to ATN site administrators.



Read Me - Deployment Notes  ATN Module v 1.5


REGISTER CHLD (new form)


REGISTER CHILD (no camper information)


User created a new account but did not receive the confirmation email.

There are two suggestions to the user for such cases:

  1. Look for the email in your spam or junk mail folder.  
  2. Click on the login button and then click on "Reset your password", which sends instructions to your registered email address.  Again, if you do not see this email, look for the email in your spam or junk mail folder.  

We can also look at the new account form submissions to confirm

  1. That the user actually did createa  new account
  2. The the email submitted is the same as the email they used to write to us.  (no typos)  New user submissions