Summer Camp Protocols


AllTogetherNow! Summer Camps Protocol 

Effective January 2022


We will make every effort to communicate clearly with families since our policies and protocols are always evolving to meet the needs of our community and follow the guidelines offered by the state. These protocols will be updated as needed.


If Your Child Becomes Sick

Please keep them at home to rest and test. 


Before returning to camp we need 2 negative covid tests, 24 hours apart. If they test positive, please let us know. We will inform camp families but keep camp open unless positive cases show up in camp. With a confirmed positive camper, we consider all campers and staff close contacts, and ask everyone to test each morning before arriving at camp to limit spreading the virus. 


We expect that families whose children are in attendance will follow the current CDC guidelines. You can view them at:


If your child becomes ill you must come and pick them up in no more than 30-45 minutes. Make sure you can be reached at all times, and if not, make sure we know who to contact to come and pick up your child quickly.  


Children who become ill must have two negative Covid tests to return to camp.



Arrival at Camp 

Please bring your child and their belongings into the pool yard and sign them in. On the first day you will also be asked to sign the pool permission and photo release forms. 


What to bring each day (please **LABEL EVERYTHING**) 


On the first day of camp, a signed paper copy of the protocol agreement below. Medium-sized water-proof storage bin with lid, to be an outdoor cubby. Clothing appropriate for the weather that day, specifically rain gear since we will be outside in all weather, a full change of clothes and a bathing suit. Snacks and lunch (with utensils) Sunblock (please apply before arrival) Towel Sun hat Water bottle 2 cloth facial coverings (preferably ones that hang around the neck) Non-toxic insect repellent (optional) 


Use of Facial Cloth Coverings

ATN staff and children must wear facial coverings when inside or in close contact while outside. 


Physical (Social) Distancing in the Camp Setting 

Physical distancing is still the best way to slow the spread of the virus; although it is recognized that this is frequently not possible in settings with children.


We will be implementing strategies that are developmentally appropriate but also recognize that children will be close to one another and that it is not possible or beneficial to maintain complete physical distance. Camp staff will absolutely hug and provide close physical comfort to children when it is needed.


In addition, we will be spending most (if not all) of our time outside, which is the healthiest place possible at this time. When indoors, windows will be open and air filter will be on at all times.


Parent Communication

 Posted at the sign-in table will be a cell phone contact for one of the lead staff each day. Please communicate with that week’s lead teacher through the cell number listed at the sign-in table.  You can also leave a message at 802- 223-1242. 

You can also reach Ellen and Janice via email at


Pick-up Procedure

Pick-up time is 3-3:15pm (or until 5pm for aftercare). Unless the weather does not permit, you can expect to find us outside in the pool yard at pick-up time. There are two gates to the pool yard from the parking area.   

If you plan to pick-up your child early, please indicate at sign-in AND call/text the lead teacher to ensure that we have your child ready to go when you arrive.


Before/After Care

Before and after care are available. Please let the lead counselor know on the Monday that you arrive what your before/after care needs will be that week. The cost is $8 per hour slot (no fractions of hours) with a 15 minute window of flexibility. In other words, for before care we charge for campers arriving between 8:00 and 8:44 am, and for the afternoon we charge 1 hour for campers leaving between 3:16 and 4:00 pm and 2 hours for campers leaving between 4:16 and 5:00 pm.

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable Should you choose to withdraw from camps more than 2 weeks prior to the start, the balance will be refunded.. Should you choose to withdraw within two weeks of the camp start date, no refunds will be issued. 

 Protocol Agreement

I have read and understand the current AllTogetherNow! Summer Camp 2022 Protocol (drafted in January 2022) and agree to comply with the policies and guidelines.  I have discussed this with my child.  (Please print , sign and bring the first day of camp)


ALL parent/caregivers, including anyone who will do pick-up or drop-off, have reviewed, understand, and agree to the following: 


Arrival Procedure Children Attending Camp What to Bring If Your Child Becomes Sick Use of Facial Coverings Physical (Social) Distancing Parent Communication  Pick-up Procedure Refund Policy

Within the last week, I reviewed the CDC Covid guidelines:   I agree to comply with the recommended guidelines.  

Camper name(s):________________________________________________________________________

 Parent / Caregiver:___________________________________________________Date:______________________

Parent / Caregiver:___________________________________________________Date:______________________