Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal Celebrations

AllTogetherNow! has been co-creating seasonal celebrations with our community of Central Vermont for over three decades. Partnering with the City of Montpelier, we create celebrations of our relationship to this place, it's people, and changing seasons. This includes yearly parades and community events: Ice on Fire, All Species Day, and Enchanted Forest, Independence Day parades in Montpelier and Cabot.

At AllTogetherNow! Community Arts Center we host Summer and Winter Solstice Celebrations with community potlucks, performances, and bonfires.

Join Us for Seasonal Celebrations!

Ice on Fire

Ice on FireIce on Fire is our community celebration of deep winter. We create a village for the day honoring the four directions.
In the East we celebrate with Theatre, song, dance and poetry.
In the South we celebrate hospitality with warm food and drink.
In the West we celebrate with the magic of storytelling.
In the North we celebrate with the community of games.
In the center we celebrate the warming fires of ceremony and gratitude.

Ice on Fire 2024 details

Film of Ice on Fire and blanket toss by Well Told Films.

All Species Day

Janice leading All Species Day

Since 1989 We have been celebrating All Species Day in Montpelier. Always held on the first Sunday in May it begins at Noon in Hubbard Park with calling in the creatures of the four directions, honoring the awakening Spring with song, dance and puppet pageantry. Everyone is invited to come dressed as their favorite species and join in the festivities. The parade leaves the park after 1pm arriving at the Statehouse 2:30pm for the Birth of Spring Pageant, Maypole dancing and more. Mark you calendars and join us in celebrating the interdependence of all of the earth's beauty and bounty.

All Species 2024 details

Film of All Species Day by Well Told Films



Enchanted Forest

Enchanted ForestHubbard Park in Montpelier becomes an Enchanted Forest for an autumnal October weekend of storytelling, theatre, fairies, trolls, and more. Paths are lit with carved jack-o-lanterns, the tower is ablaze with fire, enchanting groups who are guided along the paths by enchanting guides. This celebration marks the arrival of autumn and the beginning of our annual decent into the darkness of Winter.

Enchanted Forest 2024 details


Solstice Celebrations

Solstice Celebration bon fireAt AllTogetherNow! we celebrate these points of solar turnings, gathering together to share food, fun, puppet performances, song, and bonfire. All are welcome to join us.

Summer Solstice Celebration 2024 details


First Night Montpelier

First NightFor fifteen years Montpelier had been celebrating the turn of the New Year with First Night celebrations. Our Non-profit organization was the originators of this event, organizing it for many years, until it was handed over to the Onion River Arts Council, who then years later, when they closed their doors, handed it to the City of Montpelier to organize. It was a much loved arts event, filling numerous venues in Montpelier with performing arts events for the day. Thousands of families and community members came out to hear local musicians and artists perform. A puppet parade and fireworks were a part of the evenings events for years and we have been central to making the parade for most of those years. In 2012-2013,  The City of Montpelier decided not to celebrate First Night. There are years' when we, the AllTogetherNow! community participate in other First Night events.